Community Engagement

Jesus asked the blind man, “What do you want me to do for you?”… What is is that you seek?  That question also serves as our starting place for ministry in the neighborhood.  We do not presume to know the needs of the people in our neighborhood, so our fundamental posture toward others becomes that of the listener.

Listening to our neighborhood means listening to the unique and diverse needs of all of the people here… from the materially wealthy to the homeless, from the graduate student to the professor, we seek to extend the kindness of God in Christ to all people and to use the resources we have to help people no matter where they find themselves.  As Brother Roger of Taizé writes,

“… the source of happiness is not in prestigious talents or great expertise, but in the humble giving of oneself, yes the quite humble giving of oneself, in order to understand others with kind-heartedness.”

Currently we open the church up several times a week to provide Conversation Partners for those hoping to improve their English. Details about that can be found HERE.

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